dilluns, 30 de desembre de 2013

Main character sketch

Rough sketch for the main character of this prehistoric adventure

More enemy sketches

dissabte, 28 de desembre de 2013

Enemie sketches

Sketches for a videogame I've been working on lately


A hell of a great old game

divendres, 13 de setembre de 2013

dijous, 12 de setembre de 2013

dilluns, 2 de setembre de 2013

dijous, 29 d’agost de 2013

dimarts, 20 d’agost de 2013

dissabte, 6 de juliol de 2013

Skater friends

In skateboarding doesn't matter where you're from or who you are

aligator morning sketch

divendres, 5 de juliol de 2013

dimecres, 5 de juny de 2013

dilluns, 3 de juny de 2013

Random sketches

I's been a while since the last time I posted smth. Here just a few sketches I've done to practice with digital inks.

dimecres, 3 d’abril de 2013

dimecres, 27 de març de 2013

Welcome Tentacle

one of my favourite day of the Tentacle backgrounds. Learning from the masters

dilluns, 11 de març de 2013

Day of the Tentacle review

So many times I played this game and I so many times I was amazed by the art, specially all the backgrounds. Here my vision of it.

diumenge, 10 de març de 2013

dijous, 28 de febrer de 2013

dimarts, 26 de febrer de 2013

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dilluns, 28 de gener de 2013

Speed painting landscape

Speed painting test for a game studio

dissabte, 12 de gener de 2013